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SEO Plans and Pricing explained

So pricing now becomes a part of the picture. Cando has 2 fixed prices only. There is no point in us trying to achieve anything but a high position 1-5 page one listing for your business, if we achieve a page 2 search result you will receive nearly zero traffic so why would we charge to achieve this, it would not be very good business.

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SEO Australia, Search Engine Optimisation Australia

SEO is not hard, but knowing what to do, having the technical expertise and skill set to complete the tasks required to rank you website on page one of MAJOR search engines, in an orderly manner and with the correct volume of effort applied to each category is an art. Manage these SEO criteria’s well and the search engines will reward your website. It’s that easy!

After experiencing money grabbing SEO companies firsthand, our Australian business owner thinks your business deserves better. Our CEO has decided to offer you our services in search engine marketing and Australian web design field. If you have been ripped off by the three big companies I can name but will not for legal reasons, or hopefully before you lose all hope in having your website on page one of a major engine, for the keywords that drive your sales, please give us a call!

Cando SEO will provide you with an exact estimatation of the work we will do and a time frame it will take us to complete that work. This is unique to our business and our business motto is “ Optimise today for results tomorrow” No bland sales promises of a keyword phrase on page one of Google or you do not pay, One keyword on page one is ZERO help to a business. Take my word for it I have personally been exposed to this marketing! You need to dominate to achieve success.

Why do SEO prices vary?

Here’s an easy answer, they should NOT vary, only if your website is very large or very small as our pricing suggests. Why you ask is that? Well basically if you are not on Google page one for your target keywords then there is not very much point in having a website is there? (Unless you just require a web presence for other reasons, “BRANDING” for example) Experience tells me to achieve a high position in Google for almost all search terms, we are required to do X. If X equals $4500 then paying $2000 is not going to get the page one spot you require, Cando’s policy is this, we do not strive for second place. Hence we do not want you to waste your hard earned cash for a page 2 position that no one will search for.

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